TAS Holiday Workshops, July 2013 – Hobart City Council

After the morning session at Bridgewater LINC, I zipped into Hobart to run a Parent & Child cartoon workshop in Criterion House in the CBD, at the invitation of Amanda Midgley, for the Hobart City Council’s school holiday program.  Amanda has been involved in coordinating youth services projects for years now, and we’ve collaborated on many creative projects over the last decade.

This afternoon session was really well-attended, the room was full of kids, parents (mostly mums but good to see some dads too!) and even a few clusters of babies.  After a mad scramble to get tables & chairs in place, we hurtled straight into what was a really exhilarating session.  Again it was great to see parents sharing the experience alongside their kids.

First call was for an evil bunny (why are kids so fascinated with the “evil” thing??!!), which was a good warm-up since there was a very broad age range in this group.  Somehow a zombie carrot wandered onto the set..

HCC 10
HCC montage 1

Next we launched into a fairly complex mash-up comprising the suggestions bucktooth unicorn / knight-in-armour / lizard, with a few extra touches like a (car) horn on the unicorn, a mace on the lizard’s tail and (because we’d all had enough of this drawing by this stage) no legs on the horse – thus making it a Hover Horse.  I actually really like the legged version one boy did tho (below).

HCC montage 2
HCC 12

I promised the younger kids we’d draw something less complicated and a bit more cute next, so I jumped on the request for a lion.  He emerged through a 60s time warp filter, I think it was the afro mane that did it, much to the amusement of a few mums…

HCC montage 3

Finally, as we hurtled into the last 15 minutes of the session, I mixed the requests of cheetah / car into a kamikaze cartoon finale – rather a fitting image for such a quick toon!

HCC 13

Thanks again to Amanda for inviting me back, and Hobart Council, and of course all the fantastic parents & kids who came along for the ride – ROWR!!