Who am I?

I’m not famous, or widely published, I’m not cited on Wikipedia and I haven’t won any awards (well, a couple).  I don’t live alone with a celebrated wife, seven startling children and three Persian Meerkats, in a cottage on a cliff somewhere in Scotland, where I like to spend my spare time writing Bio paragraphs with a peacock quill pen and tending to my prize equilliottes.

Somewhat enamoured of the Void, I often feel I am just ‘something that happens‘, a point of consciousness floating untethered in spacetime. In those moments I lose all sense of having actually lived the life I tell myself I’ve lived. In those moments identity dissolves with memory, an Am minus the I….

According to one historical script: I’ve spent 50+ years drawing, 27+ years teaching, 40+ years making music, and am self-taught in everything I do. I’ve devoted my life to creativity – the learning, practice & the teaching of it, the living of it.   I’ve worked extremely hard for few obvious returns, it’s been a rich & difficult life; I’ve lived deeply, and felt much, authentic to my nature. I persist & remain open to life even when doors seem closed. Who are you?