Hi there.

Thanks for being here.  Or there.  And both. 

This website is a free-range, autobiographical archive-in-progress. Everything here describes something of my somewhat unconventional life, through my work as a teacher, artist & musician, and through deep personal reflection. This archive is my creative response to a (very) late diagnosis of Aspergers at 53, and explores my lived experience retrospectively through the lens of autism. Use the top Menu to access each category, wherein you’ll find a colourful plethora of thoughts, visuals & sounds to explore.

I have devoted my life to interrogating creative process via visual arts, music, teaching & performance, combined with a passion for psycho-emotional transformation. I began drawing at 4 yrs old, and musicking at 14. In 1990 I began teaching in various areas of the visual and musical arts, and for almost 30 years provided a diverse range of innovative creative workshops & programs designed to share skills and promote well-being. I have no formal academic qualifications and am self-taught in everything I do.



thINK Draw Connect Learn

A DIFFERENT WAY TO thINK ABOUT DRAWING thINK is an educational drawing process and a set of creative learning tools...


Murals & public art

It took me many years to get used to drawing on any kind of large scale, especially anything larger than...

Cartoon illustration: Funky 90s

As described elsewhere in this archive, the 90s were a creatively prolific period for me, and I developed simultaneously in...



Identity Beyond Autism

In my ‘Glossary Of Terms I Won’t Be Using’, I include ‘identifies as’ as a popular term I avoid in...