TAS Holiday Workshops, July 2013 – Bridgewater LINC

I was invited back to run another cartoon workshop at Bridgewater LINC these holidays (I was there last January hols), thanks to the wonderful Jordyan Coombe!  Jordyan really cares about offering opportunities to her community that they wouldn’t normally access, and she very generously subsidised my visit out of her own budget so she could offer the workshop for free.  It was really great to have a few parents participating as well – it’s really special when families share some creative time together.  It was a small group but sometimes these are the most rewarding.

After making a list of ideas from the group, I thought we’d warm up with an easy one – good ol’ reliable duck!  These things never seem to stay simple for too long with me though, and soon there was an ice cream which morphed into a hamburger, a propellor hat landed on his head and then he was hopping through puddles….

BSWTR montage 1

Having had our entree, we got our teeth into some more advanced silliness – this time I mashed up a megamix from the list:  sausage dog / princess cat / skinny cat / santa claus and a few extras that the kids threw in as the drawing got more out of hand (this princess cat turned out to be not-so-refined – we almost had her drinking champagne from her stiletto at one point!)….I really love how the kids modified their versions, and the girl who originally suggested the princess cat idea developed it into some other fantastic characters of her own:

BSWTR montage 2
bwtr 16
bwtr 17

To finish off the session I really wanted to have a crack at an idea from the oldest girl in the group, Alexz, who is into fantasy art and writing.  She suggested we draw an Old Ice King, in a slightly less cartoony style, and we were all very happy with the results:

BSWTR montage 3
bwtr 21
bwtr 23

Thanks again to Jordyan at Bridgewater LINC for having me along!