Launceston, August 6 2013 – Scotch Oakburn College

I always welcome the opportunity to travel a bit in Tassie & visit schools a bit further afield, it rekindles my sense of adventure and reminds me how much stunning country there is to appreciate in this state.  And it’s always a pleasure to return to a school I’ve visited before, I like the sense of continuity.  In this case, I got both – I had been invited back to Scotch Oakburn College by Jan Petterwood, to work with the Grade 5/6 students as I did last year.  The focus was the Creative Communication program, working with two large groups for half a day each.  The kids were fantastic, really receptive, attentive and enthusiastic, and really responsive to the workshop content.  They had already been exploring cartoon art with their teachers, so they were well-primed by the time I got there.

Thanks to the teachers for all your help taking photos & for making me so welcome, and thanks to the kids for your enthusiastic attention!

SOC montage 1
SOC 15
SOC montage 2