Yr 7 student, Friends School, Hobart

CREATIVE COMMUNICATION is a program I developed out of an Artist In Residence collaboration with Principal Kate Perkins in 2000, and continued to refine with the ongoing support of Wesley College’s Glen Waverley campus (both in Melbourne, VIC).  You can see some fantastic examples of student outcomes in these blogs: Friends School, Wesley College & Yarra Rd PS.

Cartoon-drawing skills combined with personal development, this program uses cartoon drawing to look at various aspects of emotional communication.  Particularly effective for Upper Primary & Lower Secondary, but can be modified with great success for younger grades as well.

Workshop 1 focuses on facial expressions – we draw simple but very effective faces that communicate a wide range of complex & subtle emotions as well as more extreme & obvious.

Workshop 2 looks at body language and interpersonal dynamics –  we draw characters with full bodies, placing them in familiar scenarios in which they are interacting & responding emotionally to each other, through their body language & facial expressions.

Throughout the workshops I encourage the students to have input, discuss & think about issues such as respect, behaviour, power dynamics, bullying, gender (& other) stereotypes.

These workshops can be extended into sequential art (creating a simple comic strip without text, telling the story through facial expressions), simple animation, character design and more.