folk music

SKIN (2017)

Uke takes a backseat in this new collection of original tunes, mostly-instrumental music influenced by my love of African & AfroCuban rhythms.  Danceable organic grooves, hypnotic atmospheres, driven by traditional percussion and a spirit of renewal. New Skin – Bradfield Dumpleton 2017 (Mya Moe ukulele, electric guitars, cello bass, keyboard, cajon, dun dun, lizard sticks,

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Pigbox & Co. Vol 1 & 2 (2016)

Pigbox & Co. Vol 1 and Vol 2 are two albums of instrumentals & songs inspired by my metal-bodied resonator ukulele, whom I affectionately named PIGBOX.  A ramshackle assortment of gutterblues, loose jazz, americana, folkalisms and lyrical noodlings, accompanied by a variety of other instruments and found sounds. As mentioned in Early Ukelele Explorations (2005

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Cartoon Illustration – Bushfire Press (2000 – 2016)

One of my most enduring creative relationships was as in-house illustrator & creative consultant for music education publishers Bushfire Press.   Bushfire Press are a passionate team of ex-music teachers / musicians, who began writing & publishing Performing Arts resources for primary & secondary schools in the late 80s.  My work for them has included a

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Marzipan (2007)

Acoustic instrumentals using European mandolin, octave mandola & acoustic guitar, and drawing on exotic flavours such as baroque, the Middle & Near East, rembetika and more. Throughout 2007 I was recovering from a nervous breakdown and in the depths of clinical depression. The music that forms this album helped me examine my profound grief &

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Camel Lips (The Spondooli Other / 2005)

A collection of ramshackle field recordings of folk musics from across Spondoolistan…. In between Spondoolies, I was experimenting more with home recording my own material.  A few tunes were in Spondoolish territory but didn’t quite fit our repertoire.  Some were recording experiments that contained spontaneous improvisations, percussion or editing effects – in other words, not

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