SAT APR 18 @ GEALC, 419 North Rd, Ormond


10am – 2pm | $50 | ages 9 – 14 only (why?)

Advanced techniques for drawing freaky creatures!  This month’s Cartoon Intensive is CRITTERS’N’BEASTIES, using the theme to explore simple but sophisticated line effects for creating animal textures (fur, skin, armour, feathers), shading, animal anatomy (legs, wings, tails etc) and more.

Whether your style is cute, cartoony or fantasy / realism, these techniques will really help bring your creature drawings to life!

As usual, I’ll be using drawing games & “experiments” to get the kids thinking in new ways about drawing technique, and to push them into new areas of their own creativity.  The focus is on fun skills, new perspectives, and  creative inspiration.

These 4-hr drawing intensives are for keen drawers, using innovative drawing games from the thINK Process to experiment with creative cartooning techniques.  Each workshop is different as the content is guided by the ideas & spontaneous creativity of the students.  Students at these workshops can also contribute drawings to Issue#5 of THUNK, a  mini-comic showcasing original cartoon art by Australian kids.PLEASE NOTE:  The Cartoon Intensives are 4 hours long, including a lunchbreak.  Please ensure your child brings enough food & drink for the day.  If you think your child will have difficulty focusing for that long, please find them a more suitable activity!