Do you appreciate original handcrafted music?  Do you like to support Tasmanian artists?  Do you like fingerstyle ukulele and acoustic-based sounds in general?  Do you like diverse musical styles ranging from exotic gypsy jazz, Near Eastern, baroque, rembetika, swing & 20s jazz, tinpan alley, bluegrass, gutterblues and more?

This limited edition gift box contains all this and more!  Five CDs of original songs and instrumentals spanning the last 10 years, composed & played by myself, carefully brewed in Tasmania’s deep south and lovingly wrapped in artwork created also by myself.  These recordings document most (tho not all) of my creative musical exploration during that time.  The albums are:

Spondooli Brothers – An Anthology of Revised Ambiguities (2006)

Marzipan – Bradfield Dumpleton (2007)

Limited Emission CD – Bradfield Dumpleton & Ross Sermons (2013)

Pigbox & Co. Vol 1 & 2 – Bradfield Dumpleton (2016)

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I don’t have the money to get them printed professionally, nor do I have time to chase up a crowdfunding program, but I can guarantee these recordings are sparkling with great playing and a huge range of musical ideas, mostly instrumental.  My recording process is generally to keep it honest and to capture the authentic voice of the instrument, but I spend a great deal of care on crafting the music.

On Spondooli Bros I play fingerstyle acoustic guitar alongside Luke Yates (also guitar), on Limited Emission I play fingerstyle ukulele and am joined by the exceptional Ross Sermons on doublebass.  On all other recordings I play everything myself – various ukes, acoustic & electric guitars, cello bass, mandolin, balalaika, octave mandola and all kinds of percussion.

There are too many musical flavours to summarise here, but you can preview any of these albums on my bandcamp site.

You can also hear tracks and read blogs about the process of each album here:

If you are a discerning music listener (ie not a musical snob, but someone who enjoys the listening experience), you will find a wealth of pleasant surprises in this set.

5 CD set incl lush artwork – $50 plus postage.  Order by contacting me the old fashioned way, in person via