THUNK mini-comic: Original cartoon art by kids

“THUNK” – a mini-comic series that celebrates creative original cartoon art by kids in Tasmania & Melbourne.

Available here or in person at my holiday workshops!

               THUNK1.1             THUNK 2 COVER002

In early 2014 I published Issue #1 of THUNK, an A5 black & white mini-comic book devoted to showcasing kids’ original cartoon drawings.  The idea was to celebrate the wonderful diversity of ideas that children articulate visually, as they explore what a line (and a thought) can do.

THUNK#1 was an anthology of drawings by the kids who contributed to an innovative  6-week Creative Cartooning course I designed & taught in Hobart, in late 2013.  The contrasting styles & distinct personality of each student really shines through in their lines, and it was really exciting to watch their drawings develop over the 6 weeks.

Publishing their work, in a historical document, is a powerful affirmation of their creativity, it values their art & ideas, and deeper, their sense of self.  Sharing their art with the public, especially other kids, validates their knowledge, invites them to be creative mentors.

THUNK#2 followed several months later, after a string of workshops in Melbourne & Hobart during the Jan and April 2014 school holidays, linked by a new 8-week Creative Cartooning course in Term 1.

THUNK#2 contains 68 pages featuring fantastic original drawings by the students from the Term 1 Creative Cartooning Course in Hobart.  Originally I was intending to also include drawings from the school holiday Cartoon Intensives in Melbourne & Hobart, but there was so much interesting artwork that I had to create 2 extra issues!

             THUNK3 COVER           THUNK4 COVER

THUNK #3 is the Hobart Edition, while THUNK #4 is the Melbourne Edition, and both are filled to the brim with original art based on the workshop themes – Gross’N’Ghoully, Human Zoo, Critters & Beasts, Clothes, Comic Strip Lab.

I am currently collecting drawings from Hobart & Melbourne workshops for THUNK#5.  Stay tuned!