what is thiNK?


Community arts | installation | drawing event | exhibition – an immersive imaginarium for drawing, and a creative process to express ideas from different communities

thiNK is about:

Exploring lines | Connections | Sharing ideas | Brains in action | Imagination | Creative juices | Well-being | DRAWING!!

thiNK is a one-day collaborative drawing experience, facilitated by arts educator Bradfield Dumpleton, in which a group can express & share ideas through an evolving communal drawing called the Brain Tree.  The day consists of a range of creative drawing games that specifically encourage collaboration & creating together, and the neural stimulation of “WHAT COMES NEXT?”.

The central drawing event is the Brain Tree, a communal drawing mural made of connecting A4 panels that sprout from the head of the thINK mascot, PLUGHEAD.  As participants add their drawings to the Brain Tree, which is mounted to the wall, each stage is photographed and the finished mural is documented as a stop-frame animation showing the Tree’s growth.

Brain Trees can be given a theme and / or adapted to a particular group / community, so that participants can express their thoughts as a collective.

As each person contributes a drawing, they will be influenced in some part by the previous ideas / drawing techniques / expressions, which in turn stimulates neural connectivity & the processes of idea growth / reflection / self-education through realization & inspiration.

plughead HEAD COL 2A