“I want to thank you so much for giving Jordan the inspiration and encouragement to believe in his abilities to try new things and experiment with his creative side through drawing, it is such a gift to not only give a child the tools to express through drawing but you obviously have a gift to inspire them as well. Thank you for your compassion, patience and direction with Jordan, as his mum it is infectious to hear his enthusiasm about his cartoon art.”  Kylie, (mother of Jordan, diagnosed with ADHD), Melbourne, 2014

“Students developed a new found confidence. The tasks enabled each child to achieve a successful drawing by the end of the workshop and the skills to carry on and create their own cartoons. Bradfield is funny and engaging, students really enjoyed working with him.”
Nikki Ashman, Art Teacher, Upper Ferntree Gully Primary VIC, 2013

“On Tuesday the 30th of August, 7 Backhouse and Fry had the privilege of cartoonist Bradfield Dumpleton come in and teach us a variety of incredible drawing techniques for us to use as a part of the schools ‘connections’ program. For the first part of the day, Bradfield taught us different ways to draw heads and body parts for when we draw and also taught us the uses of facial expressions and how they are a very important part in bringing drawings to life. After recess Bradfield showed us ways to draw character’s body positions (whether they were flexing muscles to impress someone, or were standing awkwardly to show their shyness) and asked us to draw a few scenes that showed different ways of character’s feelings. At the end of the day Bradfield once again wowed us with his talents by taking requests from fellow students to create a random yet incredible picture that really showed his amazing talents.  Overall it was one of the best ‘connections’ days I’d had all year as I could spend a day learning incredible skills from an AMAZINGLY talented illistrator on a thing that I really enjoy. I would really like to thank Bradfield for an extremely enjoyable day.”   Yr 7 Student Reflection, Friends School, Hobart, TAS, 2011

“With his ease of manner and free flowing lines, Bradfield leads his students on a journey of exploration. An artistic experience which simultaneously links the basics of cartooning to the fostering of the resilience needed by young people to successfully manage the challenges of their everyday lives. Bradfield has the capacity to enrich any Personal Development Program.”             Ian Cornthwaite, Year 7 Leader, Wesley College, Melbourne, VIC

“Bradfield has presented cartooning workshops for the CHIP (Children of High Intellectual Potential) Centre in Geelong over the last seven years.   His sessions are very popular and well patronised by the children linked to this centre who come from many diverse school settings over the Geelong region. Each year we have children asking if and when Bradfield will be back.

Bradfield has a wonderful rapport with the students and is able to engage them totally as he encourages them to produce work that they can be proud of. His gentle sense of humour is appreciated by the children in his classes as they enjoy the many characters he presents to them as well as elicits from them.”  Dr Sandra S Lea-Wood PhD, Geelong, VIC

“I have known Bradfield for nearly 20 years now, and have always been impressed with both his artistic and musical abilities and talents, as well as his ability to pass these skills on to people of all ages.

Bradfield has spent many times over the years staying with our family when working in Melbourne, and over this time has spent many an hour with each of my four children, both cartooning for fun, and teaching them drawing and cultivating an artistic eye. The result is that all of my kids are talented artists in their own right – as recognised by both their peers and their teachers – and I know that this is a direct result of the time that they have spent with Bradfield.

I have observed that he has a singular ability to get kids really interested, engaged, and having fun, whilst really stimulating their creativity and building a sense of their own artistic abilities and potential.

I am very grateful to have had my own children receive the benefits of his mentoring and tutorship and would highly recommend him in any teaching or workshop setting for both visual arts and music.”  Kushala Prem

“Bradfield adapted what he did to suit the students in our classes, the students were engaged in his captivating workshop the whole time and continued to draw cartoons in and out of school! Very motivating; particularly for boys and a great confidence booster for all. We hope to have him come to our school again this year! “  Melissa Ware, teacher, Boat Harbour Primary, TAS