TAS Holiday Workshops, July 2013 – Kingston LINC


kngstn 9

Fri July 19, 2013

The Big One!  The Kingston LINC cartoon workshops have traditionally been the most well-attended, and this one was no exception.  Most of the kids were old-timers who have been coming to these sessions regularly, and most of them went for the hardcore all-day option.  But it was also wonderful to see some new faces too, with some fantastic skills.

kngstn 1

The Kingston sessions are always very buzzy, the room is full of kids exploding with ideas, so we hurtled straight into it.  First up was a combo of Baby-with-a-bomb / underwater car / zombie piranha!  There was earnest discussion about some technical conundrums, such as:  if we put a glass bubble over the baby’s head, then we have to cut a hole in the glass because his arm is already out, and doesn’t that mean that the water will get in through the hole???  These are very pressing concerns, you see…..

One thing I especially enjoy in all of these workshops, is seeing how everyone’s own style influences how they interpret what I draw on the board, and the different personalities that emerge in the characters because of that.

kngstn montage 1

kngstn 2

Next, I just HAD to try Clancy’s suggestion of Melting Panda, which I combined with Pea With Cute Ladies Legs!  Here’s a couple of versions:

kngstn montage 2

We finished off the morning session with a Werewolf In The Sun (this also caused heated debate because of course werewolves only come out on a full moon…..while it’s perfectly acceptable for them to wear board shorts & sunglasses!).

kngstn 11

It was a gorgeous sunny winter’s day outside so we sat out the front for lunch before regrouping for the afternoon session, with a few new crew on board and a fresh list of juicy new ideas.

We started with a combo of Egyptian Mummy plus Dog With Wheels – I really love Bruny’s interpretation (under my version, below) with flies around the Mummy’s head & the dog laughing with a crazed look on its face – and bunny slippers!

kngstn montage 3

We must have been on a Gross & Ghoully roll, because next up was a combo of Apple With A Worm In It plus Fungus-covered Zombie, I think it was about my fave for the day, I was pleased with how the fungus turned out:

kngstn montage 4

Lastly we finished up with Lucinda’s suggestion of Murderous Bumblebee plus Axe Guitar (see Flow’s version featured at top of this post), which Lucinda had requested so she could make a birthday card for friend (who loves bumblebees).

What a week!  Thanks to everyone who came along, and of course to Sue and the staff at Kingston LINC for your ongoing support!

And here’s what I felt like by the end of the week:

zombie original