Kids Like Us – vital work for (twice) exceptional kids

Apr 19 – Kids Like Us (Sandringham)

On Sunday April 19 I’ll have the pleasure of continuing some drawing exploration with a small but highly-creative & enthusiastic group of young people from Kids Like Us.  This will be our third gathering, and I’m really looking forward to seeing where the journey takes us this time.

Kids Like Us Australia are a small and passionate team of people working to help children who are “twice exceptional” – kids who have highly specialised gifts but also live with challenges such as dyslexia, autism, aspergers, ADHD, anxiety & depression.  These kids process the world in remarkable & highly creative ways, but are often misunderstood in mainstream education.

This year I am excited to be running some workshops using the thINK drawing process with some of the more visually-oriented KLUA students.

I have also been designing some illustrations for KLUA, including the ubiquitous Bowler Hat, who is to represent their Ambassador program.

If you’d like to attend their Annual Gala Fundraising event in May, or would like to support the vital work KLUA are doing, please contact them!