THERE ARE NO MORE BOOKINGS AVAILABLE FOR THIS WORKSHOP, but if you’d like to be added to my email list for updates on future workshops, contact me here.

You may also be interested in the 2-hr Totally Random Stuff cartooning workshop at Kingston LINC on Fri July 17, details here.


10am – 2pm | $100 | ages 9 – 14 only (why?)

A 2-Day Creative Cartooning intensive for keen drawers, using thINK drawing games to experiment with creative cartoon techniques, as we investigate the question:


Day 1:  Students will be mentored through a professional illustration process – discussing the concept, sharing ideas & experimenting with their own, making visual notes & developing concept drawings, planning a design for their final image.

Day 2:  Students will make any final adjustments to their idea, then take their design to finished art stage,  a black & white ink drawing on quality art paper (suitable for framing later if they wish), which they can scan and have featured in issue #5 of THUNKCheck out previous issues of THUNK here!

As usual, I’ll provide drawing games & “experiments” to get the kids thinking in new ways about drawing technique, and to push them into new areas of their own creativity.  I’ll also be offering professional tips based on my years as a designer & illustrator.  The focus is on fun skills, new perspectives, and creative inspiration.

SOUNDS SERIOUS? Well yes & no!  My aim in this workshop is for the students to gain a better understanding of a professional artist process, to take an idea and try it from different angles so that it has room to grow and become better.  This workshop is about still being spontaneous with ideas, but also taking more care in how they are put to paper.

BOOKINGS:  bradfield@bradfielddumpleton.com | 0413 575 113

PLEASE NOTE:  These 4-hr drawing intensives are for keen drawers, who enjoy being immersed in drawing for long periods of time.  Each session is 4 hours long, including a lunchbreak.  Please ensure your child brings enough food & drink for the day.  If you think your child will have difficulty focusing for that long, please find them a more suitable activity!