TERM 2 2014a

My SCHOOL OF CARTOON ARTISTRY emerged after the thINK Drawing Festival in 2013, in which I developed an innovative new approach to teaching the building blocks of drawing. 

The thINK Process includes deconstructing drawing into abstract “bits” and modelling how these bits can be easily modified, repeated and combined to get quite sophisticated drawing outcomes.  The thINK Process also uses various inventive drawing games and collaborative drawing exercises to stimulate ideas and a sense of exploration in drawing.

The SCHOOL OF CARTOON ARTISTRY courses are for keen drawers who want to develop greater confidence & line control, explore some new ways of thinking about drawing, and learn some professional techniques for creating cartoons. Students will use cartooning to look at the foundations of drawing, such as form, texture, energy, patterns, contrast, design, layers & use of space.

The thINK Process is also being used in primary schools as a mini-residency program, to encourage a drawing culture within the school.  Studies in the UK have shown that the practice of drawing greatly impacts on brain development and has benefits in other areas of life such as creative problem solving, articulation of ideas, mapping and planning of ideas.  The thINK Process is designed to stimulate the brain into spontaneously forming new neurological pathways (eg observation, perception) and strengthening them.



In Term 4, 2013, I ran a 6-week course using the thINK process, which culminated in an A5 mini-comic showcasing the students original artwork.  The mini-comic is called THUNK, and THUNK #2 is currently in production, showcasing drawings from  the 2014 Term 1 course, as well as from Cartoon Intensives run in Hobart and Melbourne during school holidays.

THUNK #1 was published in Jan 2014.  See gallery below for some examples!




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The SCHOOL OF CARTOON ARTISTRY also offers 3 – 4 hr CARTOON INTENSIVES using the thINK Process to focus on specific technique & stylistic themes.  So far these themes have  included Gross’n’Ghoully, Critters & Beasties, Comic Strip Lab, Special FX, Human Zoo & Clothes.  You can view the fantastic results at my Facebook gallery