CARTOONING FOR KIDS is a general cartoon workshop format that can be adapted to any grade & any skill level.  The primary focus is on creating a fun learning environment in which drawing techniques are made accessible to everyone (teachers too!). 

I can work with spontaneous ideas from the students, or I can tailor the workshop to curriculum themes.  I love collaborating with teachers, and I love a good creative challenge – eg I’ve done workshops cartoonifying Australian colonial history, dynamics of energy in physics, the digestive system, local water birds, outer space… get the idea!

Complex technical concepts such as 3D perspective, anatomy, sequential thinking, action & movement can also be made more accessible through cartoon drawing.

Minimum workshop per group:  1 hour

Any grades, primary or secondary.

Can work with up to 50 or 60 in a group, though standard class-size makes for a more personalised experience.

Minimum booking is half day (2 – 3 hrs)

Full day booking – either working with one grade level all day, or covering several classes / grades back-to-back.

Multiple day bookings (mini-residency / Artist In Residence) can provide a deeper learning experience, extending on skills & developing more of a drawing culture within the school.

For some great examples of this format in schools and holiday workshops, try these blogs: Montello PS, Kingston LINC, Glenorchy LINC.