Cartoon drawing is a great vehicle for teaching ANYTHING, and for boosting self-esteem.  I am passionate about teaching, creativity, and the well-being of children, so the core intention of my cartoon workshops is to model creative process so that students can easily experience accomplishment.

My teaching approach is very dynamic & hands-on.  I like to create a focused but entertaining environment so students feel that learning new, and often technically complex, skills can be accessible & fun. My own skills in building rapport, empathic communication & creative flexibility have led to many creative mentoring projects working with schools & youth services.

Within a school curriculum, cartoon drawing (including sequential art, logo design, illustration, graphic design etc) can be applied to more than just the Arts.  Many teachers have utilised my workshops for media studies, communication, historical studies, maths, personal development & more.


I use a very simple workshop structure that allows plenty of room for adaptability & spontaneous interaction.  I can adapt the content to suit anything from a 1-hr workshop, to a full day workshop, to an extended course of multiple sessions, to artist residencies.  They can be general introductory workshops, themed or specialised extension focusing on particular techniques.

The two most common formats in schools are CARTOONING FOR KIDS & CREATIVE COMMUNICATION.



5 or 8 WEEK CARTOON COURSE – Available privately through community centres or schools.  After-school course, 2 hrs / week.  Each week focuses on a different theme eg: techniques for drawing facial expressions, bodies & action poses, backgrounds & 3D effects, animals etc.

MASTERCLASSES – Extension workshops for selected children who are already accomplished or highly-skilled drawers.  I have a hugely diverse range of professional experience, technical knowledge & drawing styles to offer (see Gallery).

SPECIAL NEEDS WORKSHOPS – Creative mentoring for students with special needs e.g. learning impairment, low self-esteem, ADHD, social problems etc.  Simple cartoon drawing combined with positive personalised attention can result in some amazing transformations.

IN-SERVICE P.D. FOR TEACHERS – Why let the kids have all the fun?! Cartoon drawing skills for teachers to use for fun in the staff room or to pass on to students themselves.