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A fine selection of creative cartooning workshops on offer these Summer holidays, using drawing games & “experiments” to get the kids thinking in new ways about drawing technique, and to push them into new areas of their own creativity.  The focus is on fun skills, new perspectives, and  creative inspiration.  There are plenty of 2-hr Totally Random workshops, and in the the 4-hr  Cartoon Intensives students can contribute drawings to Issue #5 of the THUNK mini-comic.

For bookings contact Bradfield:

0413 575 113


If you can help by printing out a flyer to pass on to a friend or stick up in a local shop, please do!  Here are the PDF files:  JAN 2015 A6 COMBO / JAN 2015 A5 / JAN 2015 A4



ALL WORKSHOPS BELOW are for ages 9 – 14 only


The ever-popular Totally Random!  Cartoon mash-up using random ideas from the group – Who knows what we’ll draw next?  You decide!  Let’s Draw!  To see some examples of past Totally Random workshops, look here & here!

JAN 23 – GLENORCHY LINC |10am – 12noon | FREE (book)

JAN 23 – GLENORCHY LINC |1 – 3pm | FREE (book)

JAN 30 – KINGSTON LINC |10am – 12noon | $25

JAN 30 – KINGSTON LINC |1 – 3pm | $25

PLEASE NOTE: If your child books for a full day, please ensure they bring enough food & drink for the day.  There is a supervised lunchbreak from 12 – 1.  Children are not permitted to buy lunch unless collected by a parent.



JAN 28COOPER SCREEN ACADEMY, 131 Macquarie St, Hobart | $40

These 4-hr drawing intensives are for keen drawers, using innovative drawing games from the thINK Process to experiment with creative cartooning techniques.  Each workshop is different as the content is guided by the ideas & spontaneous creativity of the students.  Students at these workshops can also contribute drawings to Issue #5 of THUNK, a mini-comic showcasing original cartoon art by Australian kids.

PLEASE NOTE: The Cartoon Intensives are 4 hours long, including a lunchbreak.  Please ensure your child brings enough food & drink for the day.  If you think your child will have difficulty focusing for that long, please find them a more suitable activity!

BOOKINGS: / 0413 575 113

THUNK mini-comic: Original cartoon art by kids

“THUNK” – a mini-comic series that celebrates creative original cartoon art by kids in Tasmania & Melbourne.

Available here or in person at my holiday workshops!

               THUNK1.1             THUNK 2 COVER002

In early 2014 I published Issue #1 of THUNK, an A5 black & white mini-comic book devoted to showcasing kids’ original cartoon drawings.  The idea was to celebrate the wonderful diversity of ideas that children articulate visually, as they explore what a line (and a thought) can do.

THUNK#1 was an anthology of drawings by the kids who contributed to an innovative  6-week Creative Cartooning course I designed & taught in Hobart, in late 2013.  The contrasting styles & distinct personality of each student really shines through in their lines, and it was really exciting to watch their drawings develop over the 6 weeks.

Publishing their work, in a historical document, is a powerful affirmation of their creativity, it values their art & ideas, and deeper, their sense of self.  Sharing their art with the public, especially other kids, validates their knowledge, invites them to be creative mentors.

THUNK#2 followed several months later, after a string of workshops in Melbourne & Hobart during the Jan and April 2014 school holidays, linked by a new 8-week Creative Cartooning course in Term 1.

THUNK#2 contains 68 pages featuring fantastic original drawings by the students from the Term 1 Creative Cartooning Course in Hobart.  Originally I was intending to also include drawings from the school holiday Cartoon Intensives in Melbourne & Hobart, but there was so much interesting artwork that I had to create 2 extra issues!

             THUNK3 COVER           THUNK4 COVER

THUNK #3 is the Hobart Edition, while THUNK #4 is the Melbourne Edition, and both are filled to the brim with original art based on the workshop themes – Gross’N’Ghoully, Human Zoo, Critters & Beasts, Clothes, Comic Strip Lab.

I am currently collecting drawings from Hobart & Melbourne workshops for THUNK#5.  Stay tuned!